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Bitcoin Mortgage

Own a home.
Keep your coins.

From digital assets to real estate

By combining the appreciation potential of Bitcoin with the price stability of real estate, this first-of-its-kind loan offers a balanced blend of wealth-building collateral. With the Bitcoin Mortgage, you can use your holdings to buy a new property, or finance the home you already own. Get a loan equal to your Bitcoin holdings, without selling a satoshi.

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Sell no more

The Bitcoin Mortgage lets you access liquidity without needing to sell your assets. You no longer need to decide between holding your Bitcoin or owning real estate.

A home as big as your stack

Ledn can extend a loan equal to 100% of the value of your BTC by accepting both your Bitcoin and real estate as joint collateral.

For new or existing homeowners

The Bitcoin Mortgage can be used to purchase new real estate, or to finance the property you already own.

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We are working diligently to make the Bitcoin Mortgage service available.

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